Rustic methods



Among the different tools that allow you to dive into narrative futurology, there is an infinite range of ancient methods, often qualified of non-rational divination” techniques and classified as divinatory arts, clairvoyance or new-age technique’s, or even occult sciences. Most of these methods aim to sharpen our so-called “intuitive” senses and to free our individual and collective “psi” faculties (extra-sensory perceptions)in order to be able to think about the future. The number of existing techniques are infinite and of very diverse traditions, and we have only touched on some of them. Apart from the technique of divination with smoke (see the page Divination with smoke (p. )) and our version of spontaneous cartomancy (see Tarot on the flux (p. )), we share here some that we have started to test and that would deserve to be explored further.

Most of the books we have consulted on these methods give advices on how to awaken one's sixth sense: intuition. They are based on the importance of succeeding in placing one's body and mind in a state of serenity and openness before any 'psi' dive.

A few advises

  • To evacuate the emotional residues that prevent you from clearing your mind, there is no need for tricks like alcohol, opium pipes or hallucinogenic mushrooms. All you need to do is to clear your mind through meditation and relaxation.
  • Unwind neck and kidney tension.
  • Breathe deeply. Block with a finger your left nostril in order to inhale and exhale from the right nostril and thus supply your right brain (that of poetry, fiction and imagination) with oxygen.
  • To get out of your body, you will have to panic your neurons, by swinging the right brain, left brain, on a regular rhythm of 2 seconds. To do this, visualize a small crystal ball, placed in the middle of your forehead and make it operate mentally this movement of balance at the same time as you carry it out with your whole body.

Then, once you have put yourself in condition, if you respect a certain number of preparatory steps, all you need to do is to let your sixth sense come to you by relying on these methods which are supports for induction of insight, observation, comparison, interpretation, prediction.

The crystal ball

First of all, go in search of your crystal ball. (Mine was given to me by a friend who bought it at a flea market during a trip to Chile and had not managed to use it). Avoid mail order purchases. You can also use a mirror ball. It is important to "charge" or "recharge" the ball before any use, by immersing it in water salted with Guérande or Noirmoutier salt or by burying it in a nice place for a whole night, then clean it with cognac. At the time of the reading, let yourself be influenced by the light, the shapes, the intuitive gestures of your hands that come to place themselves around the ball and the thoughts that come to you. (these tips are based on the book "How to see in the crystal ball, develop your clairvoyant gifts", Caroline Leroy)

The pendulum

First of all, choose or make your pendulum. Any mass suspended at the end of a wire can be used as a pendulum. However, its ideal weight will oscillate between 20 and 40 gr. The pendulum can answer yes or no to a question and can help in making a decision. Place your back to the north and your pendulum in your right arm. Practice swinging your pendulum back and forth, trying to see the control in your hand. Little by little, the goal will be to move from conscious control to unconscious control. From will to desire. The pendulum allows an alignment between the body and the mind, which sometimes contradict each other. It can also be used over a drawing, a picture, a collection of words, to help choose. It can also guide us in space, like a divining rod. (with the help of "Manuel pratique du pendule", Stéphane Crussol)

Telepathy or remote viewing

For some, it is an ancestral gift that we have forgotten, because "why use telepathy when the phone is there to serve us?"

Remote Viewing is a technique for describing places, events, objects or people, distant in space or time. Developed mainly in the United States within the framework of the famous Stargate program of the CIA, it was considered as one of the most promising practices of 'channeling' non-sensory perceptions. We learn some tepathy technics from the work of the artists Simon Ripoll-Hurier and Myriam Lefkowitz who have conducted a series of experiments using this practice as a basis. To them, the principle of Remote Viewing is both simple and very complex: by developing techniques to connect with a deep internal flow of images and sensations, by verbalizing and noting them, the viewer would be able to describe real targets, distant in space or time.

Other divinatory techniques that give envy to explore

  • Achilleomancy: divination by yarrow branches (at the origin of the I Ching)
  • Brontomancy or brontoscopy: divination by storms
  • Crommyomancy : divination by onions
  • Gastromancy: divination by the reflections of candles passing through a water balloon placed on the stomach
  • Ovomancy : divination by egg whites thrown in water
  • Stolisomancy : divination by the way of dressing
  • Tiromancy: divination by cheeses

(Wikipedia has a whole list of these techniques whose word often ends with the suffix '-mancy', which means both the ability to predict, the action of consulting an oracle and the ability to interpret the answer given here:


Mathilde M. has experimented with the diversion of divinatory traditions. She shares her research and inspirations with us.