Schiera derivations from the line — a dance-ing



Aim is to attune as group and (learn) to support both our individual preferences / needs as well as where the group wants to ‘go’. Follow it or resist it, whatever you do, it needs to support yourself and what is going on as 'situation'. Observe what this means for you. Don't talk, just continue, however deformed the line might be/come —even splits might occur, groups might elerge.


What you keep in mind until the timer indicates the end of the dance-ing: At all times of moving with 'Schiera' make sure you are trying to widen your attention iin such a way that you can encompass both yourself and all others of the group.

Important is that you support whatever comes up —for bith!!!— yourself and the group / what is going on as a whole: at an extreme this could mean that you 'step' away / just witness / pause / withdraw / or even leave the 'space' (in the last case, you stay away until the group has finished the dance-ing.)

In case you cannot support both, make sure you can support yourself first, when this is assured, try to support what goes beyond yourself.

  • find a space, large enough for those participating to move freely in a line (next to eachother) from one side to the other 'getting into the feeling of having a short walk'. I'd say, +- 10m length of space.
  • agree on a time (10 minutes / 30 minutes) (It's good to start with a shorter wile, then check in, clarify what's questionalble and go again, then maybe longer.)
  • stand all in a line next to each other.
  • no one guides / leads but you can at all time use eye contact, look to eachother if it helps 'sensing' the other. Not only your direct and close neibors in line but also those most far from you.
  • start with simple walking, doing steps, one after the other and as much 'together' as possible. Walk to the other end of the space, turn
  • Continue, walking up and down in line from one side of the space to the other.
  • Observe and support if possile what is changing throughout time: try to sense what is proposed as derivations from the line


Heike L. adapted what she learned from what was reported to her about 'Schiera' by a student in 2021.