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English, nederlands et français are mixed throughout the Grimoire. When we are done translating, fancy buttons will appear here to switch language.


Een Grimoire is a book of magic spells and recipes. Les sorts qui se trouvent in deze Grimoire take on the form of practical tools, technieken, jeux et structures à utiliser par toute personne interested in l'expérimentation met tijdreizen and time-travel in collectieve processen.


The goal of this Grimoire is for it to be used. We try our best to make the tutorials as accessible and user-friendly as possible, keeping in mind our missionary vocation to spread the practice and virtues of time travel and world-building in all layers of society.


The exercises you find here can be used with small or larger groups and in different situations. We tested them in workshops with kids, classes with students or sessions with teams of civil servants. They have been useful in developing a new vision for our organisation or in re-enchanting the distribution of household tasks at home. And of course we also use them just for fun.


We fried our analytical brains to group the exercises in different phases. To guarantee a pleasant journey, a better stay in the future and a safe but fruitful return to the present, we highly recommend building a trajectory that passes through these phases chronologically. You will also find some general tools and effects to sprinkle over any exercise at your own discretion.


Exploring the past and the present

Preparatory phase to target a problem to be solved, a desire to be satisfied or a question to be answered. Sharing personal experiences, painful or radiant memories, invoking ancestors, extracting key-words or diffuse feelings... in order to set out a common path.



Inventing and imagining new worlds

Some essential techniques to collectively design a blueprint of possible futures and imagine the outlines of new worlds. Scenario-building and worlding through an analytical approach, associative dreaming, improvisation games or plain divination.


Exploring and developing new worlds

Games and activities to feed and push the imagination about the worlds and futures outlined in the previous phase. Conversational games, mental projection, poetic writing, walking practices... to develop concrete scenarios from different perspectives.


Simulating and performing new worlds

A vade mecum to elaborate 1-1 scale tests and prototype the future by creating short or long-term immersive situations. This is where you step into your future, and the experience of your imagined worlds becomes tangible.

of cooperation


Returning to and transforming the present

Final phase to close and conclude your time-traveling expeditions and to come back to the present in one piece. Ways to deduce a possible transformation of your daily life, and to contemplate how to make desirable futures happen.

Managing group energy

A collection of general tools to support the group in its cooperative work. Some icebreakers to warm up a shy or reserved atmosphere, some tools to push a group to a common decision, to increase its cohesion or to sharpen its senses.


Like an effects pedal for guitar-players, you can modulate the atmosphere, add grain, resonance or highs and lows to your composition. Some effects: practice at night, try it with strangers, in the woods, with psychotropic drugs...

Your own menu

You can try out different exercises in no particular order, but you might run into trouble. Logically it's difficult for example to explore or develop possible futures, let alone simulate them, if you haven't invented them to start with - or imagined their basic outline. The phases can be useful for building your own menu or exercise pathway (to prepare a session or a workshop). For the full experience, build a trajectory by going through all the phases chronologically. Start by picking some exercises from the first phase, add some of the second one and so on. And for safety reasons, don't forget to come back to the present in the end.
Once you've selected your basic menu, you can sprinkle some general tools over anything where needed. And if you want, you can add some effects here and there. We found it can be quite surprising and satisfactory for groups to go through all these steps and stages. The full journey, from analysing or researching past and present to inventing new possibilities and trying to simulate them, leaves the satisfactory impression of having traveled far and deep.

This beast is alive

This Grimoire is a living archive of existing tools and new inventions. Nourished by our own tests and experiences we keep on shifting, adapting and adding entries. A first proto-version was launched on April 1st 2022, we plan to land a second one by December 2022, and will continue moulding, reshaping and transforming until the end of times.