Waking up sleepers



Experiences in futurology are often unlimited in their possibilities but also in time. It can therefore happen that an experiment goes on late in the evening or takes place at night. The night lends itself quite well to experiments in futurology and the creation of worlds. (see Night (p. ) in Effects).

Contrary to what André Breton tells us in the first sentences of the manifesto of surrealism ("Everything is close. The worst material conditions are excellent. The woods are white or black.) "We will Never Sleep." (a formula that has become magical and that we cherish in the cooperation futurology group), the idea would be rather to Always Sleep or, let's say, to always take into account the sleep of each other, but also, therefore, their awakening.


At the end of an exercise that could have plunged the participants into sleep, the (re)awakener will try to either wake up the sleepers or keep them asleep, depending on the expected goal or with a variable cursor. To do so, many possibilities are available to us:

  • distribution of food with spicy smells and sweet tea
  • whispering in the ears (can generate softness as well as annoyance depending on the adherence of people to the asmr side)
  • lullabies in all languages
  • techno-zombie music
  • drastic light change
  • soft animal intervention etc.

We can also take into account everyone's sleep within an exercise:

  • incorporate a nap or set up a "nap corner" into the space
  • indicate to participants that they can fall asleep at any time.
  • Ask the participants what their sleep needs are and organize the schedule accordingly. etc.


During a 'Tikkunst' night of futurology, a person went to take refuge in the seats of a theater to escape the group and simply sleep. The unfortunate thing is that the group, immersed in its preparation, forgot about this person who woke up after the final breakfast. Another person, very tired by his work of the last weeks, had to wake up to take an early train but didn't hear his alarm clock because of a techno sound background which plunged him into a sound sleep. These two people could not, thus, 'close the diamond' with the rest of the group.

During Mental Time Travel, it is common for participants to fall asleep. Integrate snoring into the story, take advantage of it to launch a polyphony of sighs that soothe the body: let's not forget that sleep is our best ally in terms of our ability to project ourselves into other worlds and to let ourselves deviate and divine.

Mathilde M.


Mathilde M. invented and wrote this recipe.