Singing lullabies is to travel through time. Remembering that they come from the past, from far, far away, and that they are full of old sorrows and joys and that they travel through time. They can be sung with a little thought for the generations to come and for those who will be sung to. The can be sung to console the present life for being sometimes only what it is.


Sing or record, choose your moment to share, at sunrise, at night, outside, walking, by the sea.


We woke up the audience of our Futurology night by playing a collection of lullabies in a loop. Sometimes you didn't know that someone has such and such mother tongue and it's beautiful to hear all these languages together, to imagine what curious language we will speak tomorrow.

In our experiments, the lullabies came after a whole night of experiences together.

Mathilde M.


We are outside the scope of credits with the lullabies. To sing, record and listen to them was proposed to our team by Anna Cz.